Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

HOPE wins Café Magazine’s Designer of the Year Award

Since taking over the helm at HOPE in 2016, Head of Design Frida Bard, has introduced new silhouettes and shapes into the HOPE DNA while continuing to build on the very foundation of our design; tailoring and utility wear. Yesterday, Frida and her team, received Designer of the Year Award as elected by Café Magazine, the leading menswear magazine in Sweden

As for the reasoning behind this decision, Café Magazine said:

“With great skill and a careful touch, Frida Bard have relaunched HOPE and conquered the now with a modern and progressive look. The Autumn collection is based firmly in contrasts in material, silhuette and style. Every piece of clothing is marked with sizing for both men and women, to promote their customers to free themselves from conventional gender roles. Therefore it is also easy to find clothes that fit. Everyone is included in HOPE’s journey toward the future.”

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