Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Meet the Family: DEADWOOD’s Carl and Felix

Meet Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder, the founders of DEADWOOD.

Creating jackets out of recycled leather, DEADWOOD is on its 5th year more rock’n’roll than ever. After working together in a jeans store in Stockholm, Carl and Felix opened a second-hand store selling pre-used and pre-loved items, soon leading to the creation of the DEADWOOD jackets we know and love.

We sat down for a quick chat with Carl about their drive and Copenhagen rituals.

You guys have always had a great “all-in” attitude towards everything regarding the DEADWOOD project: Cutting consumer waste in fashion with recycled leather, creating performances and customized jackets with James Concannon, tattooing your customers live at Revolver – What is the driving force behind your work?

I guess we just feel the need to do weird shit. We want the experience of seeing the Deadwood stand at Revolver to really reflect what inspire us. We are deeply rooted in music, art and other sub cultures that give praise to free spiritedness and rebellion. Having already done an art show and brought a tattoo artist out I guess we’ll have to bring a full band to Revolver next time? 

Sky really is the limit in terms of what we can do with Deadwood. It’s such an awesome project to be part of. We’re not really a trend driven brand. We leave it up to others to be on the fore front of advanced design, our products are new takes on timeless styles. With the ”new” being us trying to shake up the leather industry using only recycled leather for our products.

Your after-parties in the Meatpacking district during Revolver is somewhat of a tradition – Besides Bakken, what is your local favorites?

So, when we get to Copenhagen for the trade show we always get to Öksnehallen for setting up the stand. It usually takes us less than an hour. Think the record is like 33 min. After that we always kick of the Copenhagen experience with a Tuborg at Freddy’s Bar across the street. It’s a super shady bar. Pretty terrible actually. But it’s become like a tradition.

Other local favorites are Italo Disco (awesome italian food och great wine) on Oehlenschlægersgade, Bodega 54 on Halmtorvet and Spisehuset hidden far into the meat packing district.

When you are at Revolver, do you have any favorite exhibitors and friends you always make sure to stop by?

We always hang out with the guys from Indigofera and Cheap Monday. They are good friends of ours. Stockholmers that stick together.

Oh, and I never miss a chance to roll by Vibskov’s stand and see what spectacle is going on this season.

Thank you Carl and Felix – We’re looking so much forward to seeing you at Revolver in February! 

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