Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Meet the Family: PackMack’s Trine and Tim

Meet Trine Rosenkjær and Tim Larcombe, the dynamic duo behind PackMack!

After years at Levi’s, Dockers and Converse, Trine and Tim decided to head out on their own, starting up PackMack in 2015 – and since then, they’ve been a part of the Revolver Family!

What is it like dedicating all of your time and effort to your own brand, after all those years at industry giants like Levi’s and Converse?

Tim: Apart from learning how to use a coffee machine? The pressures are different. I took for granted the financial support an established brand just provided to you, funding growth for your own brand is not as easy as simply asking the finance team for more money! I was privileged to work for two great brands and always got very excited by what was possible … Now I see people wearing our product and the feeling is a little surreal. We are only two years old and to see our brand walking around is very humbling…

Trine: It gives you an incredible sense of creative freedom, I love that there are no boundaries, not a set of rules to play by. My creative thinking is very focussed around simplicity and function while at the same time creating something that is exciting. Having worked in a industry where you have to turn around vast collections every season dilutes the creativity, now I tune in and for me “Less is More”. Every time I see my own product on the street I get so excited that I actually stop people and ask them what they think about it!

Having moved to Copenhagen from Amsterdam a few years ago, you guys must have had some time to discover the city as new – what is your local favorites?

Tim: For sure! I have certainly ‘thrown’ myself into finding out about the City. It helps that Trine used to live here and worked in all the best dive bars, so I am well covered for my favourite type of establishment… Try out Wessels Kro or the Byens Kro for a smokey vibe! Trine is the food expert so you have to ask her for her favourites…

Trine: Burger favourite / Gasoline Grill.
Asian favourite / Kiin Kiin Bao Bao.
Lunchtime favourite / Restaurant Palaegade.
Brunch favourite / Union Kitchen.
Dinner favourite / Bistro boheme.
Late night snack / Joan’s Pølser with a chocolate milk!
Secret find / Bar at 108 for great wines & amazing bar snacks!!!

When you are at Revolver, do you have any favorite exhibitors and friends you always make sure to stop by?

Trine: That’s a tough one! We have met so many great people and be made to feel truly part of the family. We always stop by Libertine to say ‘Hi’ and take time to catch-up with the Klitmoller Collective. Having spent so many years at the brands we have, then there is always a number of familier faces that stop by. It’s not just about the people you know it’s also about meeting new people and making new contacts. Our association with the guys at LOB has led us to make some great new connections! We are looking forward to January as we will be bringing some very exciting developments to the show.

Thank you Trine and Tim – We’re looking so much forward to seeing you for the next edition of Revolver! 

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