We welcome: Notes du Nord

Notes Du Nord is a Danish brand with a strong international outlook. Notes Du Nord has a classic take on fashion, we make intricate details and stylish quality styles with a modern and vibrant feel – we simply make well designed confidence! We care deeply about the feeling of the textiles against your skin, the durability of the clothes and that beautiful, little detail in the fabric, which makes all the difference.

Notes Du Nord work very focused on shape, well-constructed fit and colors on each collection and live for the aesthetic beauty in every detail of the styles. The brand takes pride in hand making all of our prints themselves, so every line of it will have the signature in it and is coherent with the rest of our universe.

Notes du Nord want to change the way women think and dress themselves. We want to empower women to try something new and give them more confidence while doing it. We want women to have an elegant believe in them selves.

Thats is why they always work out from of the brand statement; You’re already unique – dress accordingly.

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