Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: Balzac Projects

It all started in New York spring in 2008: The boring range of New York souvenirs tees created two friends frustration which led to a vision: They started to produce designed tourist tees in a limited edition to friends and others who valued addresses of place and space that connects people. By turning an everyday essential into a street wear design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity, Balzac Projects was born. The concept nowadays is brought to a more global network by the Balzac Projects team of creators and partners.

The design takes it starting point from travel and memories. An iconic address on a print that captures a unique location touches everyone with an emotional connection, desire or a physical memory of the place itself. Our vision is to produce a every day favorite piece of clothing inspired by place and space around the world.

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