We welcome: Graumann

What powers, informs and inspires Hanne Graumann?

A deep understanding of the symbiotic role between clothes and those who wear them and the relationship that is formed when you have clothing you love. Belief in the individuals power to make clothes come to life and not just be worn. Deep respect for the many facets of a woman – as professional, friend, lover, mother and citizen.
Sensory awareness of luxury and comfort. How clothes should be tailored to drape and fall and move as you move.
Reverance for the quality, style and longevity of vintage clothing, believing new clothes should be classics in the making – the vintage of the future.

A graduate of the renowned Danish School of Design, Hanne Graumann started Gritt & Graumann before being poached to the Head Designer position at InWear. After a decade she left to immerse herself in her passion for vintage clothes, opening the doors to Wetterman & Graumann – a pioneer amongst Copenhagens fine vintage shops. But her creative and independant spirit was calling. Before long she returned to design and launched her own label Graumann. A line of sexy, subtle and sophisticated clothing; elegant, easy and womanly.

“Designing clothes for women is a balancing act. You both have to embrace the feminine side and at the same time empower the active and sporty part every woman consists of in different amounts”. 

– Hanne Graumann, Founder & Head Designer

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