8th – 10th August 2018

We welcome: Graumann

For Autumn 2018 we have looked to the ‘off-stage’ style of some of the biggest icons of the eighties. Debbie Harry, Demi Moore and Molly Ringwald were all strong and beautiful women who knew how to dress up… as well as down. They have continued to inspire women in the centuries to come with their unique sense of style.

We are also fascinated by the way todays personal stylechameleons reinvent themselves over and over again to inspire the world of fashion. We really salute the freedom of personal style that this generations influencers have brought to the fashion scene.

In our collection the influence from the eighties can be seen in new oversized and squarish silhouettes, high waist trousers, calf length skirts, subtle asymmetry, tweed tailoring, and sporty styles inspired by graphic 80’s ski wear.

Clashes between structures like buttery satin, corduroy, nylon and chunky knits with deconstructed cable detailing add interesting styling options.

Our color scale is build on strong signature colors like fuchsia, wine red, forest green, acid yellow and as always our beloved blues – this time with a beautiful pigeon blue as the main character. We have a whole garden of flower prints, variations of dandy dots and check in different sizes and level of intensity that can be combined in endless ways.

As much as we love reinvention we always focus on the craftsmanship, fit and quality of the garments, to make long lasting building blocks for the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Get ready to reinvent your wardrobe.

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