Introducing ASVARISCHTSCH. Hailing from an educational background in traditional menswear tailoring and garment construction in Paris, Danish designer Alexander Asvarischtsch launches his eponymous label for Autumn/Winter 2017.

With a strong adoration for traditional menswear acting as its foundation, ASVARISCHTSCH brings a contemporary direction to the fundamental pillars of garment design. Through that, ASVARISCHTSCH wishes to reshape the conventional notions of archetypical menswear by returning to the founding bases of garment design.

Through an exploration into the construction of traditional menswear garments, spanning from wool coats over three-pieced suits to shirting for both formal and everyday occasions, ASVARISCHTSCH will present a large part of its collections at biannual tradeshows while having a carefully designed selection of staple items for customers to acquire all-year around.

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