Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: By Malina

By Malina was founded in 2010 by Swedish fashion designer Malin Andrén. Malin has a background in fashion studies from both Stockholm and New York. During four years, she worked in Hong Kong with fashion production for several Scandinavian brands learning about fabrics, materials and the production line. This resulted in her starting her own brand By Malina. The goal with the brand was to introduce fashion that she thought was missing in Sweden. In the beginning it was long, custom-made dresses in silk that the brand got famous for. However, today you can find a lot more in the collection. By Malina has everything from shorts to leather jackets. We use materials like silk, French lace, silk chiffon, leather and linen. We only use the best materials and every piece is unique.

By Malina develops the patterns for each season together with the Swedish illustrator Tess Callervik. Tess’ patterns breathe By Malina and the brands colorful and energetic world. The patterns contribute in making the designs of By Malina’s pieces stand out in the most amazing way.

Today you can find By Malina across Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA.

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