Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: Cornelia Webb

Inspired by our natural shapes and anatomy, Cornelia Webb plays with the definition of clothing versus jewellery, and of skin versus metal with designs that almost merge with the wearer by wrapping around the body. !She continues to look at jewellery not only as a way to accessorize an outfit, but also as a way to embellish and highlight the-landscape-of-our-bodies.

Juggling the polarities of primal and polished, blending the old with the new, and pairing futuristic elements with prehistoric energy. In today’s tech-obsessed times, semi-precious stones tap into a primal need to re-connect with nature. For the AW16 collection Cornelia juxtaposes grey Granite and green Marble from Sweden with semiprecious stones that enhance well-being.

Labradorite for protection, balance and clarity, Smokey Quartz for healing and grounding of the physical and spiritual self, creating meaningful jewellery that enhance our lives and actively encourages the wearer to consider the value of the materials they wear.

In response to our growing urban existence, Cornelia Webb emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness in her work. She chooses to reinvent-design rather than constantly produce new items, stripping back and perfect existing products. Recycled metal and found nature is reused, continuing their cycle as re-imagined-objects, which bear the energy of both the present and the past. Highlighting the beauty of raw materials, this results in pieces that feel raw and elemental. Jewels and stones are cut roughly, metals are formed into fluid shapes, and wood re-emerges as a tribute to the earth, transforming humble wood to something more sculptural.

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