30 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

We welcome: Flattered

It all started with the aspiration to create the perfect flats for indoor use. Today, Flattered is a brand that offers an extensive range of flat shoes for the modern and independent women to wear in any given occasion. We take pride in designing timeless shoes by combining sophistication and comfort using exquisite, soothing materials such as the finest suede and leather. Designed in Sweden, all our shoes are handcrafted with caution and care in Portugal and Spain. A pair of Flattereds is meant to be worn over subsequent seasons, staying true to our classic and feminine design.

Flattered was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 2013. The idea behind the company stem from the combined vision of its co-founders, who’d noticed a white spot in the market – a feminine, stylish, yet comfortable indoor slipper. A signature almond-shaped toe, on the indoor ballet flat with soft leather sole, completes a clean and classic look, which both soon became known as Flattered’s trademark. Following the success of the indoor ballet flats, an outdoor version was launched in the spring of 2015. This marked the beginning of Flattered’s journey to the full range shoe brand we are today, seasonally presenting new and current styles and colours.

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