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We welcome: Galagowear

Streetwear has it’s origins in skate and surf culture and is a common denominator for the urban subcultures. Street fashion has taken over as a way to express feelings and opinions during a period when “street culture” had no voice in the media. Fashion was a way to express views and take place in a society that didn’t listen. Large companies has tried in many ways to make streetwear mainstream but still today the culture has maintained their original roots.

This story started in a suburb town south of Stockholm a friday in spring 2007. Niklas was working on some graphic logos and started thinking about to create something more, a name, a foundation to build on. The target was to make it, and thrive within it, it was never really about the clothes. It was about what we are, and maybe more about what we wanted to be. The urge and strive to break free from the predetermined patterns in our society was always the biggest goal.

Niklas showed his early work for Patrik, and the two brothers started to create what they thought a clothing brand should look like, and at this time a united vision for the future came together. At first it was a club concept, an online magazine, some t-shirts, the desire to be independent, and a lot of love for the urban culture. But the whole idea evolved to something more…

Quickly it escalated locally in their hometown. More people liked what the brothers where doing on a daily basis. Local skaters, friends, athletes and artists started to wear the small collections of clothes. The creation and vision that the brothers was working for, had at that time slowly become a lifestyle. Niklas and Patrik was willing to work 24/7 for a dream that seemed very impossible for two regular guys who started with nothing. Every year Galagowear grows stronger and bigger, connects with more people and businesses, but it never changes in the foundation, the heart and vision always stays the same. To be selfmade.

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