Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020


MYKKE HOFMANN is synonymous to natural, flowing materials, an alluringly feminine style, intricate details and women with attitude. Their pieces aim to dress women with an elegance that is as effortless as it is empowering, that makes them feel as beautiful as they look, and that gives them the confidence to pursue whatever they set their minds to.

The story of MYKKE HOFMANN is first of all the story of a long-lasting friendship between the two founders Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann. Since 2010, they create un- conventional and contemporary, yet accessible, Ready-to-wear.

The label follows a slow fashion approach with designs and products that are fully followed up internally and support European craftsmanship. It stands for the combination of timelessness with current trends, clean silhouettes with flowing materials, layered looks and refined details.

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