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We welcome: Sempach
On May 1st thirteen years ago, on the historic battlefield of Sempach, the members of the Swiss Cycle Regiment went proudly on parade for the very last time.

This glorious regiment, phased out after 112 years of honorable service, is known for an impressive record: the longest-serving bicycle in civil and military history, the Ordonnanzfahrrad MO 05.

In 2005, just two years after that historic parade in Sempach, all of these things were going round in the mind of a young guy from Basel.

Spotting a Swiss army sleeping bag while browsing in a flea market, he realized it would make the perfect basis for a range of original, contemporary outerwear. This was the beginning: a line of different designs of jackets, all featuring the characteristic quilted fabric inspired by army sleeping bags. 
Sempach is sold in some of the absolute top stores worldwide.