Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: TFORTHREE

A young talented designers lab, a contemporary Fashion brand, a global sales channel, the red thread running through Italian excellence in craftsmanship, all of them is TFORTHREE.

The creative engine of TFORTHREE is powered by the constant collaborations with designers, partners and customers feedbacks. TFORTHREE is like a BOX of ideas that flow together, intersect, evolve and merge into projects of designers from all over the world. In each collection TFORTHREE represents a snapshot of the concept of the contemporary developed by those who are inside the BOX at the time.

With the constant changes in the intellectual and social community, TFORTHREE is a decoder of the new forms of symbolic expression. it is the interpreter of new languages and has the ability to translate it into its products. Because of these continuous changes, TFORTHREE capsule collections are always limited editions.

The TFORTHREE constant innovation process joins the excellent Italian manufacturing traditions creating a receptive and attentive global community to the latest trends.

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