Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: The Land Of Now

The Land of Now is the dream child of Tobbe Lindberg. As a former M.D for V.F Scandinavia and Lee Jeans and Wrangler Jeans Tobbe Lindberg always knew that at some point he wanted to create a new vision and his own private label. With 30 years of denim and apparel experience Tobbe knows what works and what does not when creating beautiful craftsmanship.

Following his dream of creating a new brand and private label from the ground up Tobbe now heads and designs his own label – The Land of Now. Founded on its strict principles of clean and finest raw materials The Land of Now embrace the storytelling of Tobbe Lindbergs childhood upbringing in Råå, Sweden, a sleepy fishing port outside Helsingborg.

The Land of Now emphasizes design, fit and function by creating denim and chino collections with sharp silhouettes from regular or loose to skinny with a sharp tapered look. This is combined with cool collections of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and shirts to keep every man entertained whether you want to be casual or dressy. With its seaside roots, flashes of Astrid Lindgren’s classic “Seacrow Island” and sharp Swedish denim silhouettes it hardly comes as a surprised The Land of Now sports a sailored theme on its sleeve.

Tobbe Lindberg’s inspirations from sea life and coast lines, combined with a fascination of harbor life, sailors on leave as well as the people he is surrounded by manifests itself in classic yet edgy collections divided evenly between urban, modern life and the raw life at sea. Founded in the belief that strong jeans and apparel dreams still reign high with consumers when done well – The Land of Now – aim at higher positioned stores worldwide with strong knowledge of denim and apparel.

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