31 january – 2 february

We welcome: Velour By Nostalgi


Velour By Nostalgi recently launched the first Svanen labeled denim line. We had a short chat with founder Per Andersson about this innovative project.

Hi guys! Velour has launched the first Svanen labeled denim line. How did this project come alive?

As you all know we started as a deadstock store 1997 and got a crowd of musicians, artists and designers. Then a few years ago we had an internal talk of where to go with the brand and since we always worked with value driven customers we decided that we should go all sustainable. What is important for us is to combine a welldressed and sustainable look for the man in tune with time. We then hooked up with our fabric supplier and our producer to see how to launch worlds first Svanen denim and chino. Then we did launch world best jeans for the environment February 2017.   

It’s not easy to get the Svanen certificate. Was it a difficult process? 

It was a very difficult process and it took us approx. 1 year to fulfill all criterias.

Is Velour moving towards a more sustainable overall direction for the brand?

Our aim is to be 100 % sustainable in 2 years time. For SS18 all our chinos, jeans and jersey shall be Svanen certified. For SS18 we use only 100 % eco cotton in our shirt. For SS18 we use only 100 %cotton in our outerwear.

How has the feedback been on the product line since the launch in January?

Fantastic! NK launched the Svanen line in Sweden, then Åhlens department stores with 97 % selltrough first season, then several new clients. We are happy!

What can we expect from Velour in the future?

To deliver a welldressed and 100 % sustainable product for the man in tune with time.

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