Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: WeSC

A premium streetwear brand born in the streets of Stockholm, offering 
innovative and contemporary clothing and accessories for the intellectual slacker who is seeking to express originality in a world of uniform thinking.

Founded in 1999, the brand first garnered attention by sponsoring Swedish underground artists, musicians and skateboarders, and did not engage in any other marketing. Swedish hip hop acts Looptroop Rockers and Timbuktu were among the first to be sponsored by WeSC, contributing to the development of an alternative image that turned out to be very popular with young Scandinavian consumers who were critical of mainstream companies.

Since then WeSC has developed into being one of the major players on the Scandinavian market, and in 2015 the brand hired renowned Swedish designer Carin Wester, in order to move the brand forward once again!

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