Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Cecilie Bahnsen receives the royal Danish ‘Stjernestøv’ award

Designer Cecilie Bahnsen is awarded the Crown Prince couples Stjernestøv prize, for her unique fashion design, which combines an ultra feminine look with strength, power, and intensity. Her collections are recognized by a focus on craftsmanship and traditional techniques, such as quilting, patchwork, and embroidery, along with a strong combination of materials.

Among other reasons, she is receiving the Stjernestøv prize, because her design captures a clear understanding of structure, technique, and the correlation between the individual details and the design as a whole.

“Most of all, I’m extremely touched and deeply honored over the fact that the Crown Prince couple takes the time to recognize young people, and gives them a pad on the bag for their work,” Cecilie Bahsen says. “It’s an amazing way of finishing up an incredible year, where we’ve grown a lot as a brand.”

The prize was awarded to Cecilie Bahnsen in Jysk Musikteater in Silkeborg on the 25th of November, along with a prize for the producers behind the podcast, Third Ear.

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