See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

Covid-19 Information

As most of you already know Revolver was the only trade show executing in August 2020. For that reason we already have the experience and set-up ready.

Regarding the travel of our foreign buyers and exhibitors from our main markets there are no entry restrictions, if you have been vaccinated (and you have the relative documentation that attests an EU-approved vaccine) or if you have been previously infected with Covid-19 and therefore acquired immunity.

If you haven’t been vaccinated or if you didn’t acquired immunity, there are still in place test requirements and in some cases quarantine. The latter rules are being released constantly throughout Europe, as the infection becomes more and more under control.

Likewise, there are still certain countries that still have quarantine rules for their own citizens when returning to their home country. At present there is more than two months to the fair, which is why we must expect that these rules will also be lowered, given the fact that the entire COVID-19 situation is changing positively in most areas due to a combination of vaccinations and the summer heat.

We will update you all regularly on this topic.

Denmark is on its way to being fully reopened still with certain minor restrictions such as testing and masks. From time to time we do experience smaller and very local lock downs in Denmark, which however does not effect the business community, including the B2B trade fair business such as Revolver, which is why this will not affect our ability to wind up.

Read more about rules and regulation HERE