See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

Covid-19 information

Update – August 6th 2020

Copenhagen is safe and sound!
Dear visitors attending Copenhagen Fashion Week and Revolver.
We’re ready to welcome all of you in Copenhagen.

Please read the following as an update on the Covid-19 situation in Denmark, where the infection rate has remained low over the Summer and continues to stay rather low. Overall, the epidemic has subsided.

There has been no change of guidelines from Danish authorities since one month

Here er are the facts and numbers in Denmark as of today (August 6th).

Business travels is allowed to Denmark with no restrictions
As a guest attending Revolver and Copenhagen Fashion Week you’re visiting Denmark for meetings with a business purpose.
You can get more info on how to enter Denmark from abroad HERE.
*Be aware of not be mistaken with the regulations for tourism (A minimum stay of 6 nights only apply for tourism, not business).

There is restrictions on gatherings in Denmark. As a trade show, we follow the restrictions of big shopping malls (as an example: like Ikea). That means, the number of guests we can welcome is based on how many square meter the venue is. Therefore;
Revolver will take place in two venues, Øksnehallen and Forum this season.

Numbers of cases in Denmark per August 6th:
– 121 new cases since yesterday. A slightly but controlled increase due to re-opening of society
– Hospitalised today: 24 people
– In intensive care units: 2 people
– In intensive care units and on ventilator: 2 people

Health is our number one priority!
Revolver naturally follows the authorities’ recommendations in relation to reducing the risk of Covid-19 and takes all the necessary precautions executing the trade show.

Revolver will take place in two venues, Øksnehallen and Forum. The division is made in order to spread the amount of people so to comply all regulations and guidelines from the Danish Ministry of Health.

Revolver and the exhibiting brands has in collaboration planed and arranged the appointments so you, as a visitor, don’t have to worry about anything besides coming to the show as normally.

Naturally, Revolver has arranged proper cleaning in all areas, and made guidelines for all exhibitors in order to create a safe space for everyone.

Protective equipment (masks and sanitizers) are available for all visitors upon request in the receptions (both Forum and Øksnehallen). Masks are not mandatory in Denmark as of August 5th, but Danish authorities encourage to take precautions in public transportation in rush hours (metro, trains). Masks are mandatory in Copenhagen Airport.

Revolver encourage all brands and visitors to pay attention and protect others by following the Danish authorities recommendations of:

– Wash your hands frequently or sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub
– Cough or sneeze into your sleeve – not your hands
– Limited physical contact: avoid handshakes, refuse kisses on the cheek, avoid hugging
– Keep your distance and asks others to be considerate

By keeping distance, we stay together!