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Diggin´Deeper: DYCTEAM

One of the new proposals at Revolver SS20 will be the Taiwanese brand DYCTEAM, an established Asian reality with a great media exposure in the Eastern continent.
DYC stands for their core concept “Define Your Character”, creating original designed items for daily life and showing a multidimensional lifestyle on every detail of each piece, as well to share internationally the passion of Taiwanese design with the growing of DYCTEAM.

DYCTEAM observes the issues that are worthy of reflection in our daily life, the current society impacted by the too much information we are pushed to handle on a daily basis under the rapid development of Internet and 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer electronics) products in recent years. Therefore, “Information Overload” is their strong chosen theme for the SS19 collection, which conveyed a reflection on the observation of civil society.

The products of DYCTEAM focus on both men and unisex clothing. Each season consists of two main lines: “Basic” and “Wear in Blue”.
The classic “Basic” line is based on black and white, which makes it look like a simple style design. This design line creates the feeling of hiding details that will be needed in life and combining the needs of life and environment.
The “Wear in Blue” line, which was first exposed in 2016, used the gorgeous Indigo Jacquard tannin as a fabric boldly. Through time-consuming and complicated tannin washing plan created progress, the DYCTEAM creates the natural color of tannins clothing. This concept allows brands and customers to connect more with “their own” and to redefine the concept of “define your character”.