See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

Digital showrooms

We have teamed up with Traede to create digital showrooms

Over the past seasons, we have worked with digitals solutions supporting the physical trade show by building bridge between brands, buyers and the press. An example is the Revolver app, which in addition to the registration function and admission ticket also guides the visitors and exhibitors through the busy trade show days.

The next step in the digital development at Revolver is digital showrooms created in close collaboration with Traede, a company specialized in digital wholesale solutions to the fashion industry. The digital showrooms will give buyers and other visitors the opportunity to do even better research before visiting Revolver. Buyers that are not able to travel for the upcoming season due to the COVID-19 situation will also get the opportunity to digitally browse and buy from the brands.

The collaboration between Revolver and Traede is based on a common desire to support the industry in the best possible way, by creating the strongest possible platform for the exhibiting brands. The COVID-19 situation has obviously affected the speed of the collaboration and development, which means the digital showrooms already will be ready for the upcoming season.

Revolver Bridge
The new digital showroom will be integrated with Revolver’s existing digital platform called “Revolver Bridge”.
Each exhibiting brand gets their own digital showroom with the following options:- Brands can easily import their products with all info to Revolver Bridge:

– Digital catalog(s) are designed quickly and simply until the desired expression
– Brands can upload material directly on the Revolver Bridge
– Digital catalog(s) can be sent to buyers ‘by invitation only’ or made publicly available
– Booking of online sales meetings
– Lookbook, linesheet and ordersheet gathered
– Opportunity for video presentations and visuals to inspire buyers
– Ability to select styles and make selections
– Allocation of pieces and order creation that can be imported to external ERP system
– Possibility of videoconference (Zoom, Skype etc)