See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

How to enter Denmark from abroad

We are looking so much forward to seeing you for a new edition of Revolver and Copenhagen Fashion Week which for most parts will be as usual, but naturally with the changes that the COVID-19 situation brings.

This season Revolver will take place in two venues, Øksnehallen and Forum. The division is made in order to spread the amount of people so to comply all regulations and guidelines from the Danish Ministry of Health.

Health is our number one priority!

Revolver and the exhibiting brands will in collaboration plan and arrange the appointments so you, as a visitor, don’t have to worry about anything besides coming to the show as normally.

Before and after your appointments, you can browse around the show and enjoy the collections and brands exactly as usual.

In terms of your registration we ask you to answer a few more questions than normally, in order for the brands to plan the schedule and for you to avoid waiting time.

In terms of the current border regulations, we have made a guide, which we kindly ask you to read and strictly follow.

We kindly ask you to register a maximum of two-three visitors per store.
If you have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate contacting Frederik Hansson at:

How to enter Denmark from abroad
( according to COVID-19 regulations )

Regulations about entering the borders of Denmark:
The Danish border is open for all business related visitors worldwide. You need to follow the guidelines below.

Before travelling to Copenhagen:

You register HERE

• You receive your ticket in the app.
•  You receive an e-mail confirmation which for this season works as an official personal invitation stating your name and company name.
• You do your brand research and preparation for the show via our website.

It is vital for your permission to cross the border of Denmark to bring the following:

• Your personal Revolver invitation with your name and company name which you’ve received via e-mail after registration for Revolver.
• A printed copy of employment contract from the company or a proof of the company ownership as stated on your personal invitation.
• A printed copy of e-mail correspondance with brands you intend to visit.
•  A copy of your hotel / airbnb booking confirmation.
• Your business card.
• Your passport.

If you have ANY issues at the border control, do not hesitate calling the Revolver Hotline on: +45 28297726

When you’re in Copenhagen:

• You made it! Welcome to our city!
• You go to one of the two Revolver venues.
• You show your ticket in the entrance as normal.
• You get inspired. You do your appointments. Have fun and place some orders!
• When you’ve finished with your appointments and exploring the collections, you exit and jump on the shuttle service to the next venue.
• Go five points up and do the same one more time. Do your job, have fun, get inspired and enjoy!

We are looking so much forward to seeing you in Copenhagen from August 9-12!