Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Meet the Family: Uniforms for the Dedicated’s Lars and Rasmus

Meet Rasmus Wingardh and Lars Hedberg, the chief designer and the co-founder of Uniforms for the Dedicated!

Ever since established in Sweden by a collective of snowboarders and various creative minds back in 2008, Uniforms for the Dedicated has been devoted to making modern streetwear. While the design blends men’s tailoring with influences from sports and function, the collections typically comprise timeless silhouettes, innovative sourcing, and expressive storytelling.

You guys called the inspiration for the collection in August “Miami Vampires fear and loathing in the desert”. Where do you get these ideas from, and could you hint a bit about the inspiration for next season?

We tend to look for the direction through a clash of contexts or universes. It can be through storytelling or mere visual, or both, as in the case of Safari Vice for SS18, which depict a decadent yet elegant picture of being.

As in the name of the brand, for AW18 we look to form an army. Finally! Other than that I can’t tell much further, as we´re not done yet!

Uniforms for the Dedicated have been showing on the official calendar during CPHFW since August 2016. What’s your favorite places to eat, drink and celebrate when in Copenhagen?

I believe we gave all our money to Den Vandrette (Havnegade 53A) this past summer, on multiple nights! Great food and natural wines on the docks.

When you are at Revolver, do you have any favorite exhibitors and friends you always make sure to stop by?

None mentioned none forsaken! But what stands out to me is that people overall seem pretty relaxed, brining a good mood while mixing work with pleasure during their stay.

The Revolver Exhibitor dinner has turned into an event I don’t want to miss, a good opportunity to catch up with everyone and meet new people.

Thank you, guys! We’re looking so much forward to seeing what you have in store for us at Revolver next season!

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