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Meet FAVES Pro: Fashion Buyer app

Designed in collaboration with fashion buyers to help multi-brand stores get the buying right.

With the FAVES Pro app you can get an easy and quick overview of all of your brands and style orders, track your budget, check your notes and make the best choices for your store.

· Search purchases across brands, categories and colors

· See updated season budget and individual brand budgets

· Keep style photos separate from private photos

“It’s simple and quick to set up. Easy to use and makes buying more efficient and on point.” Kasper Hostrup, GOODS Copenhagen

It is easy for even seasoned buyers to lose track of the details when they look at hundreds of different styles each buying season. Many buyers rely on memory, notes, and a camera to record what they see and buy, but it can still be difficult to remember the details. Simple questions like “Did we buy any white shirts, and from which brands?” typically require a lot of time and effort to answer. With the FAVES app, it takes only a few taps to find the answer.

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