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Meet the Family: Pelechecoco’s Sophie Schandorff

Meet Sophie Schandorff, the designer behind Pelechecoco!

By handpicking the most beautiful pieces, taking extra care to chose those with a more distinguished patina, Pelechecoco is creating a unique range of quality product. With their sustainable attitude as a key ingredients in all they do, Pelechecoco have been seen on the likes of Pharrell, Anthony Bogdan and Chance the Rapper.

We sat down with Sophie for a chat about creativity in restrictions and her favorite hang-outs in Copenhagen.

Using 100% recycled and vintage materials for your jackets, both leather and denim, is an incredible feat – How do you manage to accomplish this through your design and sourcing? 

We source vintage and 2nd hand from all over the globe, there’s so much discarded clothing just waiting to be reworked.

The more restrictions you have, the more creative you have to be which is a great challenge as a designer. Sometimes the design happens once I see the 2nd hand garments I’m working with, other times I look actively for something to fit my designs.

As a brand based in the heart of Nørrebro, and with your flagship store on Ravnsborggade, you must have some great insider-tips – what is your local bars, restaurants and go-to places?

I live in London myself, but when I’m working from the showroom/store I love nipping to Kind Of Blue after work, it’s the perfect cosy bar, with the best music!

I’m also a great fan of Pastis in central Copenhagen, lunch at Beau Marche or Louisiana, and the botanical gardens.

When you are at Revolver, do you have any favorite exhibitors and friends you always make sure to stop by?

The Last Conspiracy, Jane Kønig, and Baum und Pferdgarten

Thank you Sophie – We’re looking forward to seeing Pelechecoco at Revolver AW18!

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