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Meet the Family: Saks Potts’ Barbara and Cathrine

Meet Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts, the founders and designers of fur-tastic Saks Potts!

Cathrine and Barbara founded Saks Potts in 2013, and with their small collection of colorful raccoon-fur jackets they soon soared towards becoming a favorite among it-girls and fashion crowd alike.

Utilising a mix of vivid, strong colors, timeless designs and an innovative and fresh view on fur, Saks Potts is now offering a full and beautiful collection of womenswear.

We sat down with Saks Potts to talk about their collections and Copenhagen favorites.

Your use of colors and exotic materials like fur and silk, and a very strong influencer presence, have been a huge part of pushing the Scandinavian look away from the monochrome black-and-white, and towards a more colorful expression – What is the story behind Collection 8, anything important to notice?

If even possible this collection is the most fun and colorful we have made so far. We’ve really tried not to take our selves, the jackets and the clothes too seriously. We’ve been inspired by photographer Martin Paar and his bold and humoristic way of documenting reality. We simply call the collection ‘Tourist’.

As a Copenhagen-based brand, you must know all the good places in the city – What are your local favorites? 

We are always located on the nearest Emmerys bakery in town. We love to eat the same thing everyday – in that way we are quite boring. We are also big fans of Apollo Bar at Charlottenborg for dinner or just a drink. Design Museum Denmark is also a must see.

When you are a Revolver, do you have any favorite exhibitors and friends you always make sure to stop by?

We always visit our dear friends Emilie Fenst and Hong Reese-You, owners of the brand Peoples Republic of Cashmere – they design the most beautiful and comfortable cashmere styles. Foreign Affairs is also a great brand with a lot of personality and beautiful colors.

Thank you Cathrine and Barbara – We are looking so much forward to seeing you at Revolver! 

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