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Meet the Family: Art Comes First’s Shaka Maidoh

Meet Shaka Maidoh, the co-founder of Art Comes First!

Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, the guys of Art Comes First, one of the most interesting and creative projects currently in menswear, is well-known faces at Revolver. As a one-of-a-kind menswear brand, a creative brand consultancy, and an artistic collaborative force to be reckoned with, we sat down with Shaka for a quick chat of what’s in the pipeline for Revolver.

Art Comes First seems incredibly good at creating apparel with commercial fashion appeal, without compromising with the conceptual art and ideas – from tailoring and classic menswear to the more streetwear inspired items and collaborations. How do you manage to do this, and what are the elements that inspire your work?

Thanks! Emphasis on craft, sub-culture, and traveling plays a big role as far as what we do and inspiration.

Truth is there’s nothing new under the sun, but it’s what you bring to the table, and how you innovate or move the craft forward, that adds values, taking into consideration the past, present and futur. Past, as in your history, where you come from, heritage etc, present is where you currently are and what you are doing, and future is where you hope to go or be, or how what you create now is substantial enough to be relevant in the future, even if relevant as a piece of inspiration.

When browsing through the street-snap albums from the international fashion weeks, it really looks like you are true citizens of the world. When visiting Revolver and Copenhagen, what are your favorite local hang-outs?

Copenhagen is a very interesting spot! The meatpacking district has a lot of cool places to eat and hang out.

As a vegan, there are a lot of cool spots to have vegan food such as Estin which is not in meat packing but has a great selection of raw and cooked vegan dishes.

If you have sweet tooth then check out Nicecreams for vegan delights.

Favourite place to hang out as far as nights is KB3. We tend to DJ there at times, the vibe is great, and its a great mix of people coming out to enjoy themselves.

What new projects are you working on that you would like to share?

2018 is an exciting year for ACF, bringing all these projects to Revolver.

We are doing our third collab collection with Fred Perry, and are excited about the outcome.
And we are presenting an interesting photography project with British photographer Pennie Smith, who is well known for her great photos of the Clash.

Venturing outside of fashion, we’re doing a bicycle collaboration, with Swedish bike brand Velosophy, which supports girls through education in Ghana for every bike sold, a glasses collab with Oliver Goldsmith, and we have teamed up with Marchenoir, as Noble Soul men, as an agency amongst other things, so be on the look out!

All this will be presented in Revolver this year.

Thank you Shaka – we’re looking so much forward to seeing you guys at Revolver!

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