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Nosomnia featured on

Danish based menswear brand Nosomnia was recently featured in italian Vogue.

Nosomnia is a very promising Danish label founded in 2015 by former marketing manager Jonas Bier and designer Ida van Gaever, with a very ambitious mission: dressing men – in a classic, but yet urban way. The name Nosomnia was derived from the contraction of  “insomnia” and “no sleep”, which perfectly describes the passion and devotion to this design duo, as Jonas and Ida continuously work long hours and rarely get a full night’s sleep – all in the pursuit of their dream. A clever mixing and matching of different textiles – jersey, cotton, wool, cashmere, nylon and neoprene- prints and layers result in pieces like dress shirts without collars and coats in loud colors. A special attention is given to the fit of the garments, and little unexpected details are added to minimalistic design. The new summer ‘17 collection delivers a clean vibe, with some hints of color including orange, green, beige and metallic tones. The look is fashionably understated, with a new take on formalwear and gentle touches of street culture that makes it an impactful every day’s choice for a creative man.

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