Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Revolver launches navigation app

As the first trade show and order platform, Revolver Copenhagen Int. Fashion Trade Show is launching an indoor navigation app that works exactly as one knows it from the navigational applications of Apple and Google. The difference is howeveer that the Revolver app is based on a complete, detailed map of the Revolver Village, which can be enlarged, thus enabling the user to get a proper overview of accurate stand plans, numbers, and brand names.

The technology of the Revolver app, which is developed for both Android and iOS smartphones, is originally made for Amsterdam Shiphol Airport, meaning that it possesses a fully operation digital solution that is now being launched by Revolver in collaboration with its digital partner, STRØM. The Revolver app functions via the use of 500 Bluetooth-based iBeacon devices, integrated throughout the Revolver Village. Through this, the app will be able to locate the position of its user within a maximum proximity of 50 centimetres. To use the app, one must open it, press the left corner arrow in the screen from which the app will then show the user his or her immediate position within the Revolver Village. Following this, one can write the desired brand name in the search bar, leading the app showing one the fastest way to the given brand location. To ensure that one walks in the right direction, the position of the user on the screen is continuously in motion.