Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: PeleCheCoco

Pelechecoco marks their 11th collection by adapting the “Slow Fashion” values even more than before, by abandoning “seasons” and focusing on contemporary trans-seasonal designs that perfectly depict the trend conscious consumer with a predisposition for green fashion by always working in recycle over passing trends, they are stirring they’re Sustainable brand in an even more green direction.

This is also demonstrated in their deliveries that are more frequent than the norm and works under the notion of a monthly open order program securing the product demand in store. The Brands Core collection contains beautiful garments made from reconstructed leather wear, repurposed military fabrics and re interpreted denim.

From Classic Biker jackets in soft perfectly worn in leather to their interpretation of The Iconic M1 Bomber in beaten up original american camouflage their Jeans collection rise from the ashes of Vintage Denim with a unique take on re-imagined jeans.

“The goal is to dress people who are not only fashion conscious but also fabric conscious and if we can, also those in between”

With a mantra like “Old is Gold” Pelechecoco continually dream up new ways of reworking vintage fabrics, always keeping in line with their vision to be fashion forward, affordable with playful design features. Never straying far from their roots in fashion and music. Their design universe pays homage not only to rock’n’Roll but also to the aged fabrics they use. Pelechecoco designs modern classics with a green twist and sustainability sure never looked so chic.

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