Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: RIKA

RIKA is far more than just another clothing label; it’s a lifestyle. The cult line, with its signature STAR symbol, for founder Ulrika Lundgren represents “endless possibilities, a never-ending story”. But it also forms the basis, the beating heart, from which the designer has cultivated a constellation of offshoots, with each element capturing the aesthetic, perfume and philosophy of the multifaceted RIKA WORLD.

Timeless, simple, functional basics with creative twists; Ulrika, a vibrant creative tapped into the art and design scene, and multitasking mother of two, creates the kinds of cool mix-and-match, day-to-night pieces she herself likes to wear, be it a classic men’s shirt tailored to fit a woman’s body, clean silhouettes in vegetal-dyed leather or a graphic striped Tee to break up a suit jacket.

“It’s about that simple way of wearing clothes, the Scandinavian way, very functional and easygoing, very feminine,” says the designer who was born in Sweden but is based in Amsterdam. For Ulrika, the devil is in the details with distinctive buttons and seams adding a subtle edge to pieces. The focus is on natural materials that will age beautifully; cool, modern-minded clothes and accessories with a soul.

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