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In this changing world where Copenhagen Fashion Week need to be digital due to Covid-19 – DHL can unfortunately not be physically present on Revolver as we usually do. But we still want to help you – and offer our expertise and assistance.

We have seen that many brands have been forced to go from physical stores to Webshops as well.

Denmark is a small open economy – and it is therefore even more important for us with online sales. It will strengthen both our growth and employment if Danish companies shift their focus from a predominantly national e-commerce sale to becoming part of a market that is global in nature. The Internet offers huge opportunities to sell internationally to the whole world, around the clock. Therefore, the proud Danish trading traditions and the beautiful Nordic Designs must also be extended to a world where customers are online.

Global logistics specialists in e-commerce

To achieve success with a webshop in a new country, it is an important factor that the shop appears local, seen through the eyes of your new customers. It is about creating a safe and credible experience for customers. To achieve this, local knowledge of language, law, e-commerce culture and logistics is required.

DHL Express is an e-commerce logistics specialist that connects salespeople with buyers across the globe. We can provide an international express solution for the benefit of your customers. Our global knowledge and experience means we can share insights into local markets to help you expand internationally.

We can offer to make an analysis of your existing webshop – after which DHL subsequently maps the traffic to your webshop, and at the same time helps you understand your customers’ buying habits, which makes it easier to plan your future growth.

We have a great experience in helping e-commerce customers of all sizes and industries – and can therefore certainly also help you. In addition to fast and flexible delivery, our service also offers real-time tracking – which shows your customers the exact status of the packages and trouble-free return of the goods from your customers. Research shows that the customer is twice as likely to shop with a supplier again if the delivery of the item is successful.

To make your daily handling as easy as possible, we offer DHL On Demand Delivery, which is a free online system that allows your customers globally to decide how, when and where DHL delivers their packages. The system sends updated messages and gives your customers more delivery options to choose from. The benefits are many and this global system for managing your customers’ delivery requests makes your customer service easier and better.


New trade patterns raise questions about sustainability in e-commerce. Production, sales and distribution take place across the globe, so there is a need for ongoing adaptation or development of solutions that ensure e-commerce a global momentum without compromising climate, resources or health.

Increasing digitalisation is changing consumer buying behaviour
Digitalization brings a different consumption of resources and new impacts on the environment. The distribution is different, the goods are produced under different quality requirements, there is direct trade between companies and consumers on each side of the globe, and it requires focus on sustainable distribution, packaging, etc.

Sustainability is the key word
The key word in both the climate debate and the UN’s global goals is sustainability. Combating climate change is important for all of us – and it is therefore important to focus on CO2 efficiency and sustainability. We also know that sustainability is one of the top things on the global fashion agenda – and here DHL GoGreen can help you accelerate the sustainable transition in the fashion industry.

DHL GOGREEN – you send, we compensate the emissions
A GoGreen climate-neutral shipment is just like any other shipment you ship with DHL. With GoGreen climate neutral service we can help you offset your greenhouse gas logistics emissions through investments in internationally recognized climate protection projects, including our very own independent project in Lesotho. Identifying and monitoring your carbon footprint provides valuable information on the environmental impact of your transport and logistics operations – an indispensable basis for setting sustainable targets. You can choose to send either all or only selected shipments with GOGREEN.

Understanding your company’s impact on the environment is the perfect starting point for action!

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