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Scandinavian Manifesto Spotlight: forét

Back in 2014 two childhood friends wanted to create a brand
that inspires the everyday person to slow down, go offline
& explore our nature; using their eye for detail and design simplicity.

While reminiscing about their Danish childhood outdoor adventures,
they had a simple idea to provide slow goods for the journey;
hence the creation of forét.

Based in Copenhagen, forét is curated to reflect
the essence of going offline and to enjoy your surroundings;
using high quality fabrics, in Earth tones with a touch of playfulness
while also intertwining street style and class, bringing pieces
of nostalgic memories for whatever life throws at you.

forét is inspired by the French word for forest.
We just replaced the cirkumflex with an apostrophe
to create our own interpretation and graphic expression of the word.