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Scandinavian Manifesto Spotlight: H2O

H2O Sportswear was founded back in 1982 by Jens Knud Lind. The fundamental idea was to create sportswear of a unique cotton quality that would also have an extremely high degree of functionality and durability. Based on classic Scandinavian design, H2O Sportswear developed its own colourful and characteristic design with stripes, a unique fit and innovative designs. The collection was expanded during the 80’s and 90’s to include both swimwear, rainwear, and the popular sandals.

H2O’s mission is to create better clothes and footwear by combining the durability, practical materials, and comfort of the sportswear and leisurewear/footwear with the designers’ feel for fit, trends and colours.
For H2O, creativity means combining well-known elements in new ways. That way we can always come up with original solutions by taking the best from both worlds and using it to create a positive, spiralling development process which improves the clothes, while creating added value for the consumer.