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Scandinavian Manifesto Spotlight: SNEUM

Recently repatriated to his native Denmark after 12 years tenure with the house of Valentino, Christian Sneum embarked on his own eponymous project, that went live with FW19 season. A project that targets hitting a permanent “baseline” for menswear that does not fluctuate much over time. A line that identifies and link objects of great design, rooted in history, conceived for a utilitarian purpose and has stood the test of time, making them just as relevant today as they were at their inception.

The impetus is thus to identify and enhance the distinct iconic design features of these objects, to give them an even stronger impact, edge and renewed contemporary appeal. This process of enhancement is done with the scope to respect, maintain and preserve the basic anatomy and heritage of the vintage items on which they are based. In turn this should ultimately translate into creating clothing with both a purpose and a narrative that hopefully facilitates forging meaningful long lasting connections with its users.