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Spotlight On: AÉRÉ

Danish fashion brand AÉRÉ has the ambition to deliver effortless elegance, durable and modular designs which can renew the wardrobe and be worn for multiple seasons.
The brand´s ultimate vision is, whatever the complexity, to make the design look effortless – so light, airy and obvious – as breathed on.
AÉRÉ is named after this vision.

Tine Bøhm, brand founder and designer, has worked with sustanability and Zetgeist for many years, where the priorities has been long-term trends and the necessity to create alternatives for the fashion industry to prevent over production.

The quality is in focus at AÉRÉ. Traditional artisanal work combined with a sensuousness feeling for materials and shapes are the conditions of aesthetic sustainability. AÉRÉ says ”use and keep” instead of the ”use and trash” which many people are turning away from.

”We are living in a time with a lot of consciousness regarding climate and the environment. The fashion industry plays a big part in this and AÉRÉ wants to create a fundament for the modern woman to choose. A woman who is fashionable but also conscious about the climate. We can’t just mindlessly continue to use the resources of our planet”
Tine Bøhm, Designer and founder of AÉRÉ.

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