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Spotlight On: Blanche

Blanche is the French word for white. A color with no hue. Some would even argue that it isn’t a color. Maybe white isn’t really a thing. Maybe it’s nothing. And that’s what Blanche set out from — a clean slate.

Taking a holistic approach to timelessness in fashion, Blanche began at the fundamental design: denim. However, their denim is more than just that: it’s made from pure textiles through sustainable production where a large majority of materials are either organic, GOTS-certified or leftover fabric from past production. Designed in Copenhagen, it comes in a wide range of cuts and washes: a denim for any occasion.

Further delving into the sphere of womenswear design is Blanche Atelier — a line that builds on the archetypical typologies of the brand´s denim line yet adding a contemporary, refined expression to ready-to-wear styles. Contemporary is in this case not synonymous with trend-based clothing that’ll only last you for two seasons tops — rather it is an underlying value in Blanche design philosophy that breathes modernity into our choice of fabric, color and cut.

Blanche Atelier features materials such as pure cashmere, pure merino and leather. Sure, there are a few characteristic outliers in the line that’ll make a bit of noise and stand out from the pack, but these few items rest on the foundation of styles that take their cue from accessible, well-made design.

The intersecting point of these two womenswear lines is what forms Blanche: a contemporary approach to timeless design.