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Spotlight On: Ivylee

Ivylee is Kristine Anker Holgaard´s personal vision, and in one of the brand´s little pink shoeboxes you will find hours of dedication to detail and love of simple style and beautiful footwear.

To Kristine, a woman’s foot is a very aesthetic part of her body and at the same time the very thing that gets her places. She intuitively knows what will work on a foot, down to every line, curve and stitching. And this combined with her focus on wearability and comfort makes Ivylee footwear perfect additions to any chic modern woman’s wardrobe.

She designs the collections together with her dedicated team in Ivylee´s studio in Copenhagen, and produce around Europe in close collaboration with selected craftsmen.

The brand´ style is best described as Scandinavian simplicity with an edge, and Ivylee´s interpretation of the perfect boot is the core of the collections. She doesn’t design shoes to pile up in the closet, but with the aim for each pair of shoes to be the one you always put on because they just work with every outfit and for every occasion.

The Essence of Ivylee


Every angle, line and proportion is taken into consideration together with materials, finish and details when making the shoes. Built on Danish design traditions where function and aesthetics go hand in hand, the craft of bringing all of these factors together in one pair of beautiful shoes is something Ivylee forever will work on refining.

The approach to design is intuitive relying on the brand´ sense of style – if something feels just right to the design team, other women will love it too. Ivylee´ style is simple but with an additional little twist of something unique you won’t get anywhere else.

The perfect pair of shoes always brings the right kind of attitude – to the way a woman stands out. And to make women look good and feel great about themselves is why Ivylee started doing this in the first place.

Ivylee is proud to offer great design at affordable prices, loving the fact that their shoes can appeal to a many different types of women – both to fit any kind of style and every size of wallet.

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