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Spotlight On: LOREAK

LOREAK was founded in 1995, in San Sebastián, Euskadi (Basque Country in English) on the border between two countries and far away from any big city. This landscape, surrounded by the mountains and the sea, influences the brand’s free approach to fashion. This leads to a series of fun, functional and quality pieces that draw inspiration from art and design.

LOREAK’s collections reinterpret the classics, reframing them with a contemporary and sporty touch and a blurred vision of masculine and feminine.

“Landscape is our starting point, from where we view the world: the stone, the mountains and the Atlantic. We are far away from the big city and this standpoint allows us the freedom, spontaneity and liberty that we apply to our garments. Manufacture is the way of making things. That is with accuracy and agility. We pay attention to the present, carving out a niche with patience, getting it wrong and then right. Culture is what excites us, it is something we experience and then put into our collections. Despite it all, our garments are more functional than conceptual.”

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