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Spotlight On: MAUD & FRAM

Strong women have at all times defined style. They have inspired and been role models. They have become icons of their time. Ørnulf Høyer has joined forces with designer Sophie Noel Vanay to create MAUD: a brand inspired by strong and iconic women.

Style is no longer defined by trends, but through how you wear a garment and make it yours. Therefore, women want clothing that affects them and which has emotional, historical and physical anchoring.

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In Norwegian FRAM means ”forward”, and it underlines the brand´s belief that the only way to truly go forward is by acknowledging and honoring our past.

There was a time before throw-away society and planned obsolescence. A time when things were built to last. FRAM wishes to honor that part of human history, yearning to be a part of it.
Nothing lasts forever, but man should always strive for longevity: Forward means rewind.

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