See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

Talks by DS and Klvsk

We’re happy to invite visitors to stop by onlyafew by DS and Klvsk in Forum for some interesting talks.

The talks will take place in the onluyafew booth and  it will be hosted by DS AGENCY. Here is the scedule:

Conscious Consumers
August 09th at 1.30pm (please confirm this is ok for you)
– Johanne Stenstrup of SustainDaily (book presentation)
– Tytti Sofia Hongisto, Founder of MAHLA

Johanne will present her new book Klaed dig Bedre and have a conversation with Tytti from MAHLA about conscious consumer behaviors and how to create business growth without constant sales pushes.

New Nordic Sustainability
August 10th at 3pm (please confirm this is ok for you)

– Sara Emilie Terp, Founder and Creative Director of Casc8
Rune Orloff, freelance Sustainability Consultant (Ganni) and Founder of Pool
– Thibaud Guyonnet, Head of Buying for Voo Berlin

The talk will highlight the strong connection Scandinavian countries have with sustainable values and how this translated into design and ultimately fashion.

Sustainable Fashion Future
August 11th at 3p (please confirm this is ok for you)
– Marc Finsterlin founder Pssbl
– Eve Gardiner Trend- Designer This is Trend

This conversation will focus on sustainability trends, and how brands can implement real conscious design thinking or innovate from conventional to more sustainable product ranges.