Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Totême and ATP Atelier wins Damernas Värld Guldknappen award

Swedish hard-hitters Totême and ATP Ateliers took home the awards from Damernas Värld in each of their categories at the prestigious Guldknappen award show on Saturday. Totême was nominated in the main category, while ATP Atelier was nominated in the accessory category.

The jury’s motivation for awarding Totême was:
“By managing and developing the Scandinavian style, Totême has quickly become a name on the world’s fashion scene. With the goal of creating a durable wardrobe that works for a woman’s every need, their season-wide design is at the forefront. After the success in New York, the brand has now moved home and is ready to dress the Swedish woman.”

In the reasoning for awarding ATP Atelier, the jury stated:
“Inspired by the Italian holiday spirit, the idea was born for a sustainable business, focusing on handmade and well-designed shoes and handbags. Five years later, the success story is a fact, and ATP Atelier has positioned itself as a brand that creates desirable products while promoting slower fashion consumption.”

In the Knappnålen award, the category for the Swedish up-and-coming designers, Rebecca Björnsdotter won for her eponymous label creating luxury women’s footwear.

Among the other nominated brands in the categories was Stylein, J Lindberg, and Swedish Stockings.

Well deserved and congratulations!