Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

Universal Works x Le Fix

Universal works have come together with their Danish friends, LE FIX in Copenhagen, for a very special project.

The collaboration consists of a limited run of 50 Wool Jackets in navy Melton, featuring a hand embroidered back and interchangeable patches designed and illustrated by Benny at LE FIX.

UW Co-Director and Designer David Keyte shares his thoughts on the project:

“Collaborations are everywhere. At UW a collaboration has to be right for us, and it has to be fun. This project is just that, two separate brands coming together to make a genuine new thing influenced by both company’s vision.

For me to work with LE FIX was a joy, they are great guys, with a dope street wear brand and one of the best multi band stores in Copenhagen. They are first and foremost friends but also people I admire for their commitment, attitude and style. Benny, the designer, is quite simply a top bloke, someone I’m very proud to work with.”

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