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We Welcome: Aurlands

Shoemakers everywhere apply Norwegian shoe constructions in their work. When it comes to shoemaking, at Aurlands the originals are kept alive and kicking. The Penny Loafer, Norwegian welt and Norwegian split toe, are some of the constructions that naturally belong there.

Aurlands is the oldest running workshop for handcrafted shoes in Norway, founded by legendary shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. His progressive attitude and creative contributions to the trade continues to inspire.
Tveranger came to the village of Aurland, deep in the fjords of Norway. Still a young man, he
had already learned the craft of shoemaking in Boston, USA. After setting himself up as a cobbler in 1908, he developed a very early version of the Penny Loafer, one with laces and eyes. This model was named National Shoe and awarded, earning him widespread fame.

In 1926 Tveranger released the Aurland Moccasin, which he claimed was inspired partly by the traditional moccasins of the Iroquois of North America and partly by the local Norwegian Tese shoe. By adding the defining saddle across the instep, there it was: the first Penny Loafer. Tveranger continued to adjust the shoe’s construction, such as making optimal use of whatever leather was available during post-war rationing.

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