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We are a Copenhagen based Fashion cashmere brand known for the unique quality of our cashmere yarn and the high-quality manufacturing process that is the foundation of our designs.

The yarn comes from small local farms in Mongolia. The garments are knitted from the highest quality yarns, which in particular is reflected in their softness and comfort.

We are working exclusively with knitting specialists, all with their own areas of expertise.

BETA STUDIOS have a truly high-end selection of luxurious cashmere for the modern woman; where exquisite design meets exceptional quality and sustainability.

BETA STUDIOS value respect for unique and timeless designs. The philosophy of the brand is to create beautiful and responsible clothing made of the best quality materials that can last a lifetime with minimal care.

Treat yourself to this high-quality knitwear.

BETA STUDIOS is the long lasting all seasonal fashion … for chilly winter days and crisp spring mornings, both for casual and for more formal occasions. It’s classy, versatile and adds sustainability to your wardrobe.

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