8th – 10th August 2018

We welcome: BLANCHE

BLANCHE (an old synonym for the colour white): The colour white represents purity and innocence. BLANCHE carries the name, as it reflects their core values. It is their desire to design and produce clothing in the most sustainable way; to design and produce clothing as pure as the colour white.

Their journey towards sustainability is driven by a desire to offer fashion consumers a sustainable wardrobe in its entirety. With a range of high quality products made from the best materials, this is evident in their design. BLANCHE strive to enable women to dress sustainable from head to toe.

As part of a fashion industry undermining the environment and our fellow human beings, BLANCHE are on a sustainable mission. Their work with sustainability is related to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as these set the standards for a sustainable future. BLANCHE believe that we all have an obligation to do better and their promise to you is this: We aim to be sustainable everywhere we can.

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