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We welcome: DEDICATED

DEDICATED is a sustainable lifestyle brand from Stockholm, Sweden. They started with a sustainable fashion retail concept in 2006 and then started DEDICATED as a sustainable super-brand in 2012. DEDICATED create durable and sustainably produced casual wear and use graphics to make their clothing relevant and exciting.
The brand is founded by 3 friends who are fashion business professionals with backgrounds in board sports and 90’s subcultures.

Through their own graphical work and extensive international network of illustrators, artists and photographers, they create exciting and on-trend collections that make people re-evaluate what sustainable fashion can look like.

After having worked with textile production in Asia for many years and witnessing the environmental destruction and the textile workers challenging working and living conditions first hand, DEDICATED decided to create a sustainable super-brand that is the better choice and leads the way in fashions sustainable development.

They are serious about sustainable development and business, but also serious about having fun – because life is now.

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