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We welcome: FRISUR

FRISUR is an independent mens and womenswear brand designing garments to be perceived by touch.

The brand was founded by the two longterm friends Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder‐Plassmann. Based in Berlin, FRISUR functions as the designers creative playground, built on their personal belief, drive and attitude:

“Tactile sense is our belief”

Most of the skin is constantly covered in garments.
 As fashion designers they believe in the responsibility to only offer the best tactile experience they can find. For this, FRISUR explore the sensual diversity of materials and choose their fabrics mindfully. 
FRISUR focusses on quality construction and hand-picked materials to provide an exceptional material sensation.

“Curiousity is our drive”

They are driven by curiosity and the joy in creating. This is why FRISUR will always think differently and inspire. FRISUR offers seasonal full‐range collections, nonchalant and easy to style. Always with a unique concept behind.

“Respect is our attitude”.

FRISUR is a personal project and therefore a reflection of their values – they treat our surroundings with respect by aiming for substantial quality. FRISUR is committed to sustainability. All garments are designed to outlast seasonal trends. In the production process the brand only cooperates with only EU-based suppliers under strict regulations to ensure human and environmental rights.

 FRISUR is available at selected forward-thinking retailers worldwide.

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