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We Welcome: HUNKØN
Playful, Powerful, and pretty darn Expressive – okay, the latter is not spelled with a P, but it still holds true!
Hunkøn is not reinventing fashion – but when it comes to contemporary fashion and commercial design, we dare NOT to go with the flow
 – and we encourage our community of brave HUNKØN-human beings to not go with the flow either.
Under the vision of founder and creative director, Anne Schøler and CEO, Trine Keseric, Hunkøn is enabling fashionistas around the World to challenge the norm and to choose bold, colorful, and sustainable outfits that compliment who they truly are as individuals.
The Hunkøn brand represents Danish design at its very best. We are known and renowned for our attention to detail and quality, our unique art prints found in every collection, and the everlasting cornucopia of colorful designs.
The brand builds on an everlasting passion for making clothes that people fall in love with – and a profound love for inventing looks that makes you fall in love with YOURSELF and the way you look when you wear it.
Hunkøn was founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark